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PPC | Brand Recognition

Google Adwords

Goal: Create a landing page that brings leads from mid to bottom of the funnel with strong CTA and best practice design optimized for conversions.
Tactics: Created multiple landing pages to monitor click through and map exploration using heat maps. Tested different call to actions to find best placement and verbage for conversions.


  • $8.20

    Cost Per Lead

  • $1.76

    Cost Per Click

  • 42

    Leads Generated

FB Advertising

Goal: Brand awareness and promotions of both an event and pricing promo. Drive qualified leads to conversion and secure a high attendance and show rate of respondants.

Tactics: Development of custom audiences that were highly targeted at our demographic. With A/B testing, we consistently narrowed our audience until we had a consistent stream of results.


  • 11

    Days of Compaign

  • 51

    Leads Generated

  • $12.50

    Costs per Lead

Landing Page Design

Goal: Drive leads via Google Ad Words while reducing Cost Per
Result and increaseing conversion rates.

Tactics: In depth market research and identify both short and long
tail keywords that drove qualified traffic to our custom landing page. Rapid A/B on copy and CTA for optimized click through rate.


  • 34.4%

    Conversion Rate

  • 93

    Leads Generated

  • 21

    Days of Compaign

Responsive Design

With the wide array of devices that will be accessing their website, fully-responsive design is a must. We design each site so that it is fully optimized for mobile and tablet platforms, increasing positive user experience and your site’s rank on Google.Positive user experience is a crucial element in our web development process. We design your site to not only be visually impressive, but also strategically planned for ease-of-use.

Robert K.

Pure Gold Medical Center

From The Client

TIG advertising has been wonderful to work with. We were amazed by the engagement we received from our most recent campaign. We will absolutely work with them again on upcoming projects.

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