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An in-depth Content Strategy

Content has evolved far beyond a body of text, it now blurs the lines between advertising, education, and entertainment. Superior content creation must be successful in two key areas: messaging strategy and creative development. Content is essential to engaging consumers, but it only has a ROI (return on investment) if it is relevant to your targeted audience, integrated across channels, and encourages the right consumer behavior.

For a successful content strategy to work, we must understand where and how to engage the consumer. Our strategist discovers industry insights via in-house research on audience’s passions, lifestyle, media and behaviors. Once we have gained the audience persona, we produce media opportunities for engagement across platforms such as social, video, mobile, and other executions. With content, the medium is often just as important as the piece itself.

All the content our team creates has to be persuasive enough to encourage engagement and a desire to share, while still meeting the brand's goals. With a strong narration that both influences and connects the audience to the brand, we create a more naturally aligned relationship with the consumers. All content created is also fully search engine optimized with multi-channel integration in mind.

Content Planning

By doing an audit of your brand, we identify where in the funnel your customers are getting stuck and help guide them the rest of the way.


We build buyer personas of your ideal customers and build content that specifically targets them. This allows us to be more personal, build trust, and lead more conversions.


Your brand is unique, and your content should convey the same. Our content builds trust in your brand and brings your story to life.


We find where most of your customers engage and build content. We then accommodate these channels best, whether it be Facebook, Linked In, or any of the other platforms.


No 2 channels are used the same, which is why we design our content with the purpose to accommodate this distribution. We are sure to get the most of every piece we build with strong intent of use and dispersion.

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Content Marketing Strategy

PPC advertising is more than being on the top of googles search page. Its about being in front of the right people at the right time.

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Content for SEO

Keyword research, analytics, and strategic planning is how we get our clients to rank #1 on google.

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Content Audit

There is content, and there is intelligent content. Use your time to create pieces that are not only valuable, but multichannel.

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Content Promotion

By identifying the user’s channel, frequency, post time, and the content medium, we drive a client base through various social channels.

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Content marketing has become the core to any strong marketing campaign. Strategic content creation is a marketing approach that is focused on distributing high quality, relevant, and consistent content to your targeted audience. This also helps to attract and retain your targeted audience. A common misconception is to think that writing content is simply putting together an article and releasing it on the web. This would prove to be very inefficient and a loss of your time. There is a very strategic approach to writing content that aligns with your business objectives, oppositions, reputation, and funnel assistance. Although content may seem to be written across a wide board of topics, rest assured, each has an underlying goal that they wish to achieve.
High quality content can be written by anyone; however, it is something you have to want. Writing high quality content creates brand reputation with the end goal of revenue and new business. Content is intertwined with a strong SEO strategy, which will boost your SEO rankings, gain traffic, and build security to your audience. Content has changed to a “help, not sell” approach, where it is better to exude your expertise rather than using traditional interruptive marketing tactics. Superior content is what will grow your business and build an audience in your specific market, although the content should be planned based on your business objectives. This is a necessary foundation to any marketing plan.
In a nutshell, video content marketing is brand storytelling. Video has become the preferred medium for telling your brands story, which could live on your website or across many different social media channels. With the change of social attention span and the necessity to be entertained, video is able to immerse your audience and offers a richer, more nuanced experience than other media.

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