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Revive Body MD

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Minimalist Design

We focused on creating a website that properly communicated the elegance and tranquility Revive Body MD emulates. Keeping the overall look and feel clean and straight forward allows visitors to focus on the content. The minimalist design also offers clients a unique experience from the moment they enter the site. We wanted the users to enjoy not only Revive Body MD’s quality services, but also give them a positive experience by creating an efficient, and user-friendly design.


Custom Logo Design

We designed a company logo for Revive Body MD that both reflected their main goal of weight loss and the elegance they wanted to bring to their company. With the thin lines and soft font, we were able to create a logo that directly represented the company’s mission.


High – Quality Content

We provided Revive Body MD with high-quality content that both encourages engagement and a desire to share, while still meeting the brand’s goals. With a strong narration that both influences and connects the audience to the brand, we create a more naturally aligned relationship with the consumers. All content created is also fully search engine optimized with multi-channel integration in mind.

Responsive Design

With the wide array of devices that will be accessing their website, fully-responsive design is a must. We design each site so that it is fully optimized for mobile and tablet platforms, increasing positive user experience and your site’s rank on Google.Positive user experience is a crucial element in our web development process. We design your site to not only be visually impressive, but also strategically planned for ease-of-use.

Responsive Design Case Study

Steven M.

Revive Body MD

From The Client

TIG advertising has been wonderful to work with. We were amazed by the engagement we received from our most recent campaign. We will absolutely work with them again on upcoming projects.

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