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15 February, 2018

How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Digital Marketing

AI In Marketing

Every day that your team postpones using advanced AI-powered solutions on your own content marketing, you're losing the competitive edge. In the last few decades, artificial intelligence has paved its way deeper into advertising, helping brands to enhance each step of the customer journey. Our conversation resulted in these four methods to leverage AI to beat your own content advertising competition. If you're working with large amounts of content, then algorithms might help surface the most applicable ones for every individual user. The four methods:

1. Use chatbots for the customer journey

This is especially true when your purchase process is a pretty streamlined process that doesn’t involve a lot of complexity. From style to wellness to insurance, intelligent chatbots are supplying borderline magic customer service. In several cases, they're better at generating personalized content than humans. You may take an opportunity to take your client chat to another level with personalized content advertising.

2. Hyper personalized content creation

Being able to dissect and make sense of large sums of data allows you and your team to make more accurate decisions and move on to the more important bottom line. Consequently, your site visitors could see the most applicable content, notifications, and offers according to their demographics, location, and browsing history. This generation uses a more natural speech pattern when conducting online searches; therefore, it holds enormous potential in making the work of their own content creators much more effective. Even though an AI generated e-book or research report remains science fiction, you might utilize AI tools to automatically generate email content, personalized messages or reports, or to curate content for the social network.

3. Follow the market and identify trends

Let the AI tools scrape data from numerous points that can be consolidated into a final analysis. This will identify opportunities of success and give creative solutions for content fabrication. Consider ways to employ AI brokers as proactive consultants for every online visitor, rather than using them for only direct customer support interactions. Algorithms may map a subscriber's website experience and email browsing data to comprehend all the person's interactions with your content. Artificial intelligence makes it feasible to send personal curated emails to every customer.

4. Extend lifetime of customers.

While quick churn clients are difficult to re-engage, late churn clients can be incentivized to keep utilizing your product. AI-powered churn prediction can help to analyze omnichannel events and identify dropping client engagement. Key takeaway: When used along with custom own content creation, AI-powered churn prediction helps keep more of your clients engaged, leading to higher lifetime value and profits. Dynamic Yield assists the likes of Under Armour, Sephora, and Urban Outfitters, constructing actionable client segments by using an advanced machine learning engine. From a marketer's perspective, image recognition could mean a better sync between online content and store visits. Many stores using facial recognition software to trace client’s in-store visits and link those videos to their client’s profiles.  

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