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22 May, 2018

How Web Design Can Influence Your Customers

How Good Web Design Influences Your Customers

“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” – Joe Sparano

Web Design is not just about aesthetics, it encompasses a range of elements set up in a way that bring your visitors on a journey the moment they enter your site. If your website is designed properly, it will build trust with your visitors and influence them to take your preferred course of action. Nowadays, we have access to a plethora of resources that can be accessed instantly, so it is crucial to that your website makes a good impression in the initial first few seconds. Not only will having a bad web design severely impact your profits, it also can hurt your reputation and customer retention rates. In this article, we will help you make impactful design choices by covering various factors that are essential to creating positive lasting impression on your visitors.

Overall Layout

The first thing people notice when they go to a website is its aesthetic. Having a clean, professional and stylish layout will positively influence your visitors; whereas, cluttered and aesthetically unappealing websites can give a “spammy” feel, discouraging potential customers from engaging with your site. Customers are more likely to follow the path you have laid out for them if they feel comfortable with your site’s “look and feel”, so make sure you choose a layout that your audience can enjoy while still conveying your brand’s voice. Web friendly fonts, such as Google Web Fonts, complimentary color schemes and appropriate use of white space are all tools you can use to greatly improve your site’s aesthetics.

Simple Navigation

How a customer navigates through your site can have a major impact on their journey and their overall experience. People can become frustrated when they are met with error pages or menus options that they do not need, so it is important to understand your user’s flow so that you can optimize your site to fit the user’s needs. Heatmaps are a helpful tool to determine how the customer interacts with the interface and see what parts of the site are attracting the most attention and which elements are unnecessary.

Remember, users want a few key things from your navigation: knowledge of where they are on the site, a way to go back and clear directions on how to get from point A to point B. You would be surprised how much of an impact removing inessential functions from your site can have on both your user’s experience and conversion rate.

Call To Actions

In most instances, a website’s goal is to either make a sale, provide information, or gather contact information. To help ensure these actions are made, call to actions are usually placed throughout the site and tend be bold and attention-grabbing. A good rule of thumb when creating a call to action is to use words that provoke emotions or enthusiasm. Simply stating “Learn More About our Vacation Packages” may not entice the users to click, but changing it to “Plan Your Dream Vacation Today!” will excite the user and make them eager to click your ad. Even adding something as simple as an exclamation point can bring more attention to your call to action.

If you decide to use a button for your call to action, make sure that all your buttons are recognizable. The buttons on your site should all be uniform, having the same shape and design regardless of location. Here you can also bring a little life to your site by developing a consistent color theme that is unique and complimentary to your site’s theme.


While there are many important elements involved in creating an effective website design, including these key components can greatly impact your users in a positive way. Make sure you keep up with current trends and consumer habits so that you can improve and optimize your site to fit your user’s needs. You must strive to create an always evolving strategy for your user journey so that you can ensure your visitors are provided with the best user experience from the moment they enter the site to the moment they leave.

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