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10 July, 2019

What Is a Cool Event?

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Advancements in aesthetic technology have made it possible for patients to achieve the appearance they desire without invasive surgery. Taking the cosmetic world by storm, Allergan has revolutionized the industry and delivered superior nonsurgical body contouring results with CoolSculpting® cryolipolysis treatment. In over 7 million CoolSculpting® procedures, 92 percent of treated patients experienced a noticeable reduction of unwanted fat. Each cycle can take as little as 30 to 60 minutes, allowing providers to perform treatments more frequently. One of the best ways to reach a larger audience and demonstrate the advantages of this treatment is by hosting a Cool Event for potential patients local to your practice.

What Happens at a Cool Event

A Cool Event is an exclusive invitation-only affair where patients can talk to the doctors and specialists at your practice in addition to seeing an in-person presentation of a CoolSculpting cycle. Setting up a Cool Event gives you the opportunity to showcase the benefits of CoolSculpting® to a group of select patients to encourage them to schedule one or multiple sessions.

Getting the Word Out

People are invited via personalized email, and follow-up reminder emails are sent prior to the event to ensure the maximum number of people RSVP and attend. Customized Facebook ads for your Cool Event are created to gain new patients and go live no later than 10 days before the scheduled soiree.

Building Relationships

Light refreshments and hors d’ oeuvres can be served while patients enjoy their time at the event. Attendees are usually given a live demonstration of a CoolSculpting® session followed or accompanied by a Q&A segment. The discussion can be led by a doctor or an Allergan representative.

Goals of a Cool Event

Increase Brand Awareness

Throwing a Cool Event increases brand awareness by highlighting your nonsurgical body contouring services and illustrating the benefits of this treatment with the aid of CoolSculpting® professionals. At your private event, patients have a chance to become more familiar with your practice and your unique brand personality.

Boost Visibility

By promoting your Cool Event with customized ads and matching landing pages, your practice can reach a broader demographic that includes potential patients who are new to your practice. Boosting your visibility allows more people to see what you have to offer and learn how it can help them achieve their goals.

Establish Trust

Creating a foundation of trustworthiness with potential and existing patients is key for maintaining long-term relationships with them. Doing this establishes your status as a premier provider and encourages brand loyalty. Patients who know your practice are more likely to return for other services throughout their respective cosmetic journeys.

What to Expect

Most of the time, people hear about new and innovative cosmetic treatments online or by word-of-mouth. However, specialists can pique the interest of the audience even more by inviting them to a private event. There, they can see CoolSculpting® in action, ask their pressing questions, and receive immediate answers. Throwing a Cool Event showcases the services offered at your location and how people can benefit from them. There are a couple of primary goals with hosting a Cool Event: 
  • Selling CoolSculpting® cycle packages
  • Cultivating relationships with new patients
  • Maintaining relationships with existing patients 
  • Expanding your contact list 
  • Highlighting your brand 
Ultimately, these events allow you to connect with new and current patients face-to-face so that they become familiar with you and your staff. When your patients are happy with their services, and they feel welcomed in a new environment, they are more likely to return and remain loyal to your brand.

Host a Cool Event Near You!

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